Photo of Meyers at the Pacers’ 1979 rookie and free agent camp where she earned admiration from fellow players for her grit and competitiveness.

Ann Meyers Drysdale is a retired American basketball player and sportscaster. She was the first woman offered a four-year athletic scholarship at UCLA where she played basketball (1974–1978). As a kid she remembers being in a Catholic elementary school and wearing shorts under her uniform skirt so she could play with the boys on the playground. "I must have been 10 or 11 years old, and one of the teachers grabbed me by the arm and said, 'You can't play with the boys. It's not ladylike.' I didn't understand it," she said. "My parents never discouraged me from doing anything my brothers were doing." 

In 1979, Ann became the first woman to sign as a free agent with an NBA team, participating in a 3-day tryout with the Indiana Pacers. Although she didn't make the team, she dared to go where no woman had gone before and made her mark in NBA history.

Ann always wore the term tomboy as a badge of honor. "Yeah, I was a little proud of it," she said. "That's what it meant to be good at sports if you were a girl."