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Tomboy ICON | Sarah Marquis

By J .
on March 19, 2019

Tomboy icon Sarah MarquisPhoto of Sarah Marquis in Western Australia, 2015 - eating grains and fruits gathered from the bush.

Sarah Marquis is a Swiss adventurer and explorer. If you put all her journeys together they would stretch around the globe and the wilder the terrain the better.  She's walked across the United States, walked across Australia, hiked through the Andes from Chile to Machu Picchu. In 2010 she began a three-year-long solo walk from Siberia to the Gobi Desert, into China, Laos, and Thailand. Along the route, she was harassed by Mongolian men on horseback and threatened by Laotian drug dealers. For security, she sometimes disguised herself as a man and tried not to leave tracks so as not to be followed. In 2014 she was named one of National Geographic's Adventurers of the Year. 

She says as a child growing up in the countryside of Switzerland, she would disappear for hours exploring. "I've always been wild," says Sarah, "Climbing trees, checking out animals and creepy crawlies, it all shaped the person I am today."



Tomboy ICON | Elspeth Beard

By J .
on October 20, 2018

Photo of Elspeth Beard in London after completing her solo ride around the world. (1984)

Elspeth Beard is an English architect and motorcyclist. In 1982, an age before the internet, smartphones, and when women rarely travelled alone to adventurous countries – Elspeth set off to ride her motorcycle around the world. She'd ridden through unforgiving landscapes, countries ravaged by war, witnessed civil uprisings that forced her to fake documents, fended off sexual attacks, biker gangs and corrupt police convinced she was trafficking drugs. She's the first English woman to ride a motorcycle around the world and achieved something then that is still remarkable today.

"If my story can now inspire other people, especially women to believe there are no limits to what can be achieved with self-belief and determination," Elspeth says, "then this would bring a whole new meaning to my trip."



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