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Workout At Home

By J .
on February 14, 2017

No more excuses. If it's rainy and cold outside you can do this indoor workout in the comfort of your home and no weights are needed. Just you and your will power.

Warm-up: Run in place and do arm circles for a couple of minutes to raise your heart rate and get blood pumping to your muscles.

Cool-down: Stretch your muscles by doing some toe touches. Also raise your arms up and bend from side to side. Keep stretching until your heart rate comes down.

Have a great workout!

Raising Strong Girls

By J .
on March 22, 2016

Raise your girls to be tough! Treating your daughter like a delicate flower will never serve her well. Encourage her to play outdoors and out of her comfort zone. This will instill a greater sense in her that her body is a source of strength and she can survive and face any challenge. Introduce your daughter to tree climbing, bug collecting and camping. Playing sports is another great way for her to appreciate her body for its strength rather than just its beauty.

Promoting strong girls who play hard is what we are all about here at Tomboy Vintage. We encourage girls to be athletic, adventurous and outdoorsy. Our vintage-style Bubble Gum Tee is not only super cute but it's the perfect shirt for any active girl who embraces her tomboy edge!


Spread The Love On Valentine's Day (Or Any Day)

By J .
on January 04, 2016

Shop to your heart's content with our collection of love-inspired graphic tees and accessories at Tomboy Vintage. Get fun Valentine's Day gift ideas or spread a little love any day of the year!

First up is our Black Slouch Beanie. Not only are beanies a tomboy essential but this cute heart patterned hat will keep you extra warm and cozy on a cold February day.

Next are our Tomboy Vintage love tees. These super soft, vintage-style t-shirts are perfect for ladies who embrace their inner tomboy and let love rule!

Now onto some fun accessories! We love a good inspirational quote here at Tomboy Vintage so it's no wonder we think this double sided Love Pendant Necklace is a keeper. It's a perfect feel-good piece of jewelry for the girl who loves adventure.

Any soccer lovers out there? Let your love for soccer shine brightly with this heart charm keychain! 


Browse more heart shaped items and Valentine's Day gift ideas in our love collection.



Tomboy Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway

By Jeanne .
on September 13, 2015

This year's Ventura Marathon Beach Party was as good as it gets and the ocean view from our Pop-Up Shop wasn't too shabby either! We met a lot of great people, especially the girls who came to collect their free LOVE t-shirts for being the first females over the finish line in the Kids Run and Biking events. These two little winners put their tomboy tees on right away and were happy to pose with their new swag. Mom decided she needed a t-shirt too and this family photo definitely sums up the good vibes of a great day!



Ventura Beach Party Pop-Up Shop

By Jeanne .
on September 02, 2015

Join us at the beach in Ventura, California on Saturday, September 12th for a fun day of shopping, music and food! Our Pop-Up Shop will be full of new accessories, discounts and retro tomboy style. Stay for the Kids Run and help us cheer on all the little ones as they race in the sand. The fastest girl runners win a Tomboy Vintage tee!

Back To School And Looking Cool!

By Jeanne .
on July 28, 2015

The first day of school is right around the corner which means it's time to get back-to-school outfits. Tomboy Vintage knows back to school style is all about keeping things versatile which is why graphic tees are a must-have this Fall.

Graphic t-shirts have long been a staple in a girl's closet because they're perfect for layering and pair up nicely with shorts, jeans or leggings.


Our favorite idea for back-to-school style is to have matching t-shirts with your best friends. Not only will it make school more fun but it will turn you and your BFF's into giddy school girls!


Skateboarding Outfit Idea

By Jeanne .
on May 26, 2015

Love to skateboard? So do we! Show your love with this vintage-inspired graphic tee. Designed for girls who embrace an active lifestyle and a tomboy edge, you'll love the softness of this form fitting tee. Our SKATE stretch bracelet is another must-have for any skater girl. We promise you'll love this little bracelet on and off your board! Finally, top off your look with our popular heart mesh trucker hat. It's frayed heart applique adds feminine appeal to this classic retro style.



T-Shirt Giveaway Of The Day!

By Jeanne .
on February 14, 2015

This past Valentine's Day we decided to spread a little love and set out to giveaway as many of our Classic Love Tees as we could carry. We hit a local park and a girl's youth basketball game in Thousand Oaks, California and then headed to the beach and the Malibu Country Mart. We found lots of women and girls throughout the day who were happy to feel the love on Valentine's Day and get a free Tomboy Vintage t-shirt.

Many of them couldn't believe we were just giving them away. "They're free? No gimmicks?" they asked. This made us laugh. "Yep, they're free" we'd say, "We're simply sharing the love on Valentine's Day." It was a feel good message and a feel good day. Now we're thinking t-shirt giveaways should become a tradition here at Tomboy Vintage!



Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

By Jeanne .
on January 15, 2015


Girls can't resist a cute graphic tee so it's the perfect gift - every time! Our LOVE t-shirt will surely score brownie points with the girl in your life this Valentine's Day and while you're at it throw in one of our cute heart hats to let her know just how much she's loved!

Our bestselling Heart Mesh Trucker Hat is perfect for a beach day, bad hair day or just about any day.

Our black knit Heart Slouch Beanie is also pretty helpful on a bad hair day and it will keep her warm and cozy all winter long!

Happy shopping and Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Best Selling T-Shirts This Holiday

By Jeanne .
on December 14, 2014

The people have spoken, and these Tomboy Vintage graphic tees were our best sellers this holiday season!

Wanderlust is a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world which makes the Not All Who Wander Are Lost t-shirt perfect for the girl-on-the-go! Available in sizes S-XL.

Next up is our This Girl Loves Football t-shirt, because hey, women love football too! This flirty, versatile black v-neck tee is a real winner and comes in sizes S-XL.


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