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5 Tips for Hiking In The Rain

By J .
on April 26, 2019

Most of us prefer hiking on a sunny day with clear blue skies above us but now that Spring is here the rainy days are too. Here are a few easy tips for staying dry and warm when you set off on a rainy day hike.

1. Choose The Right Trail:

On rainy days there’s no point in hiking for hours to a summit where you probably won't see the view and even those with strong immune systems can suffer from a cold after spending a day in the rain. Pick a shorter hike, something that will take you a few hours or an afternoon, rather than all day.

2. Wear The Right Clothing:

Wearing the right clothing is the key to happiness when hiking on rainy day. Layering is a good idea. Put on workout tights under your pants and a long sleeve shirt (synthetic, fleece, or wool) under your outer layer. Yoga clothes are great for these purposes because they are comfortable and don’t restrict movement.

Make sure your jacket is both waterproof and breathable and has a hood. You may also want to invest in hiking pants. Just like your jacket, these pants should be breathable and comfortable. Whatever you do, avoid cotton clothing as it soaks up water and is not warm when wet.

Baseball caps are great for sunny or rainy weather. In the rain a baseball cap's brim will help keep rain out of your eyes.

Your hiking boots should be waterproof and lightweight. The traditional choice would be leather boots but some hikers prefer shoes made of mesh because they dry fast and don’t weigh a lot. Wear wool or synthetic socks and always take an extra pair in case yours get wet.

3. Bring The Right Gear:

Invest in a lightweight backpack cover to help keep your backpack dry. Also use dry bags or even ziploc bags to keep gadgets and gear dry inside your pack.

It’s unconventional for hiking, but you can also bring an umbrella. If it’s not windy and the trail is wide enough, an umbrella can keep you drier than raingear and can act as a mini shelter to take breaks under.

4. Pack The Right Snacks:

Stopping to have a relaxing picnic isn’t going to happen on a rainy hike so bring foods you can eat on the go. Pack granola bars, simple sandwiches or trail mix. You’ll burn a lot of calories so replenishing your energy should be easy and fast. It’s also important to avoid dehydration so bring a water bottle. Consider bringing a thermos of tea or hot chocolate to warm you up if it’s cold.

5. Have A Good Attitude:

Just go with the flow. If you only go out when the weather is nice, you’re missing a lot. When it rains everything is greener, the creeks are louder, and the trails are much less crowded. You might even have them all to yourself!





Happy Camper Drawstring Tee

By J .
on March 19, 2019

women's camping outfit ideas happy camper t-shirt

Get inspired for your next camping trip with a Happy Camper shirt from Tomboy Vintage. This cute drawstring bottom tee can pull together a comfy camping outfit for when you're sitting around the campfire or exploring a new trail in the wild.



Why We Love Seeing Pink In October

By J .
on September 26, 2018

pink t-shirt breast cancer awareness tee

October 1st marks the beginning of Pinktober - breast cancer awareness month.  We love that for an entire month the whole country acknowledges those affected by the disease. We love that people are posting and sharing stories to bring breast cancer into the conversation. We love the way it pays tribute to those who have suffered. We love how people are able to honor their fight along with thousands of others. We love that people get free mammograms and forgetful people remember to get them. We love all of the good intentions Pinktober brings.

Shop our Pink Girl Power Tee. It's ON SALE!



Game Day Football Outfit

By J .
on August 23, 2016


Love football? So do we and our Tomboy Vintage t-shirt collection

wouldn't be complete without a This Girl Loves Football tee. 

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Add the Heart Slouch Beanie for a cute and comfy game day outfit

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Skateboarding Outfit Idea

By J .
on May 26, 2015

Love to skateboard? So do we! Show your love with this Tomboy Vintage LOVE Tee, perfect for the girls who embrace their tomboy edge on and off their skateboard. Top off your look with our popular Heart Trucker Hat. It's frayed heart applique adds feminine appeal to this classic retro style.





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