Playing in dirt makes kids healthy & happy

It's true! Research shows that dirt is actually good for kids. Like, really good! And isn’t getting dirty what kids do best?

In the last two decades, kids have been spending less time outdoors. The average American child spends as few as 30 minutes playing outside each day and more than seven hours each day in front of an electronic screen. Our kids are out of shape, tuned out, and stressed out because they’re missing something essential to their health and development: a connection to the natural world.

So here's the dirt on dirt:

When kids play in dirt, they are not only exploring the wonders around them, they're also being exposed to healthy bacteria, parasites, and viruses that will inevitably create a much stronger immune system. Studies have shown that simply having contact with dirt, whether it's through gardening, digging holes, or making mud pies, can significantly improve a child's mood and reduce anxiety and stress. Friendly bacteria found in soil helps produce serotonin, that all-important happiness-promoting hormone. Dirt can even improve classroom performance.

The best thing about dirt is it can be found most anywhere - from a small patch of green in the city to the wide-open meadows of the country and playing in it costs nothing.

outdoor play makes kids happy & healthy

It's not just dirt that benefits kid's health but experiencing nature in general is good for their mind, body, and spirit. Children’s stress levels are significantly reduced within minutes of entering green spaces and regular outdoor time will help them sleep more soundly at night.

Outdoor activity promotes exploration, stimulates imagination, and heightens a child's sense of wonder. So let them get their hands dirty and their feet wet!