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Yay, it's Beanie Season!

By J .
on November 07, 2018

When the weather gets cold, beanies are a must! Not only do they keep the chill off but beanies also have a lot of tomboy-style appeal. Here is an all around great beanie that'll make you a little warmer, cozier, and stylish this winter.

 We're also excited to offer new Tomboy Vintage embroidered heart beanies!

womens embroidered beanie red plaid heart

  Shop our Tomboy Vintage beanie collection.






Why We Love Seeing Pink In October

By J .
on September 26, 2018

pink t-shirt breast cancer awareness tee

October 1st marks the beginning of Pinktober - breast cancer awareness month.  We love that for an entire month the whole country acknowledges those affected by the disease. We love that people are posting and sharing stories to bring breast cancer into the conversation. We love the way it pays tribute to those who have suffered. We love how people are able to honor their fight along with thousands of others. We love that people get free mammograms and forgetful people remember to get them. We love all of the good intentions Pinktober brings.

Shop our Pink Girl Power Tee. It's ON SALE!



Camping Themed Birthday Party

By J .
on July 08, 2018


Calling all Happy Campers!

Camping themed parties are fun, easy and don't cost a fortune. You can have a camping party right in your own backyard. Pitch a tent, play picnic games, make s'mores and sleep under the stars. It’s a great way to make a birthday party special, even with a smaller group.

What we love about a camping themed party are all the outdoor activities. Use our free Nature Scavenger Hunt printable and set out on a hike around the neighborhood.

Another simple idea is to make DIY bandana hobo bags. Fill them with party favors that can be used while camping. The bandanas are great for Capture The Flag or Blind Lineup. Goofy String is always good for String Tag and water guns are perfect for a fun Target Shooting Contest. Have a Bubble Blowing Contest too and give your campers Bubble Gum Tomboy Tees to get them in the spirit! Flashlights, canteens, a compass and glow in the dark items are always fun party favors too. These are all easy and budget-friendly favors sure to bring smiles long after your party has ended. 




Tomboy Vintage Stickers

By J .
on February 27, 2018

tomboy vintage sticker

Everyone loves a cool sticker and our Tomboy Girl Sticker has become a customer favorite.

Here are some photos shared by our customers:

If you're interested in getting a Tomboy Vintage sticker we sell them on our website but you can also get one for FREE with the purchase of a t-shirt. We use sticker hangtags on all our tees.

Just buy a Tomboy Vintage tee online and get this cute sticker with it!




The Always Popular Buffalo Check

By J .
on January 03, 2018


The classic Buffalo Plaid pattern has been around for a very long time. It originated from the Woolrich Woolen Mills company in Pennsylvania around 1950 when they introduced the Buffalo Check shirt. It was an instant hit with outdoorsmen and the rugged piece quickly became synonymous with quality and dependability.

Why the name “Buffalo” Check?

The name seems to signify the wild open spaces of the west. And although this sounds alluring, the answer is much more simple. Legend has it that the Woolrich designer who first introduced the distinctive pattern owned a herd of buffalo–nothing more complicated than that. The name stuck, and the rest is history.

woolrich-blog-buffalo-2Fashion trends come and go, but 165 years on, the buffalo check is arguably more popular than ever. It's a pattern that spans menswear, women's apparel, accessories, household items, etc.

It's so popular in apparel that it's easy to find buffalo check scarves, hats, ties, socks, handbags, you name it! If you live the rugged outdoorsy life or simply admire the look, grab our cozy Buffalo Check Pom Beanie this season.

This classic pattern shows no signs of ever going out of style!



Stocking Stuffers For Her

By J .
on December 11, 2017

Big presents are great, but stocking stuffers always seem to be the funnest part of gift giving. Shop Tomboy Vintage hair accessories and jewelry she'll love!




It's Baaack! The Heart Trucker Hat

By J .
on November 23, 2017

Even though the days are getting colder and beanie season is officially here we're just too excited to wait until the warmer days of Spring to announce the Heart Trucker Hat is back in stock. Yay!

Shop: Heart Trucker Hat




What to Wear: Trendy New Bracelets We're Excited About

By J .
on October 30, 2017

women's genuine leather bracelet

There's something about a leather bracelet that immediately gives you that cool-girl look. A bit rocker, and a little bit grunge, we can't get enough of this Genuine Leather Layered Bracelet.

women's bead bracelet adjustable bracelet

The Mosaic Bead Cord Bracelet is eye candy for your wrist. It's mixed color palette has the look of autumn but it can easily be worn throughout the year.

gold bead bracelet adjustable bracelet

Wearing layered bracelets is a boho look we love. Adding a metal bracelet, like this Gold Bead Pull Bracelet will give your look an edge and can mix and match easily with other bracelets.


100 Fun Autumn Activities

By J .
on October 04, 2017

We fall in love with Fall every year! During autumn the world becomes a natural playground. There are leaves for jumping in, apples for picking, and pumpkins for carving. We've collected 100 fun ideas to help you make the most of the colorful foliage and chilly nights. Autumn flies by in a hurry so take advantage of the beautiful weather!





The Adventures of The Tomboy Paper Doll

By J .
on September 03, 2017

Here's a little history of our tomboy paper doll and her travels. Click on the image below to enlarge.

tomboy paper doll adventures national parks



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Yay, it's Beanie Season!

November 07, 2018

When the weather gets cold, beanies are a must! Not only do they keep the chill off but beanies also have...

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October 1st marks the beginning of Pinktober - breast cancer awareness month.  We love that for an entire month the whole country...

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