recycled t-shirt art t-shirt canvas art
Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of a favorite t-shirt even when it's gotten too old to wear. One way to continue enjoying your graphic tee is to turn it into wall art. This is an easy Do-It-Yourself project that recycles your shirt instead of keeping it hidden away in a dresser drawer.
All you need for this DIY project is a canvas that will fit your t-shirt design, a pair of scissors, and a staple gun. We used a 11"x14" canvas.
old t-shirt canvas art
1. Slide the canvas inside the t-shirt and move it around so the graphic design is centered on the canvas.
2. Pull the sides of the shirt tight around to the back of the canvas and staple the shirt onto the canvas board backing. Trim away the excess t-shirt material and you're all finished!
diy canvas wall art t-shirt art
Enjoy your unique new art!