All you need for this stylish workout tank is a pair of scissors and our Athletic Tee. In just a few simple steps you'll have a favorite go-to tank top for your next workout!


Step 1: Cut the collar and sleeves off your t-shirt. Be sure to cut the seams completely off but follow them closely as you cut.

Step 2: Decide what length you'd like for your tank top and cut along the bottom of your tee, making sure to cut enough off for a 1” strip to use later as your tie. (Note: we cropped our shirt approximately 2" from the bottom hem).

Step 3: Cut a triangle down the back of your t-shirt, cutting from the collars edge toward the middle of the tee. (Note: we measured approximately 6” down from the collar and made a pen mark in the middle of the shirt where our 2 cuts should meet).

Step 4: Using your bottom scrap piece cut a 1” strip along the length of the scrap.

Step 5: Take your 1" strip and tie your shirt straps together, wrapping the strip around the straps and moving down as you go. (Note: we tied our straps approximately 3” from the top of the shirt). Once you have your desired length, tie a knot, tuck in the loose ends and there you have it!

Happy workout!

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